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Miranda's Booking FAQ

Books CLOSED. Next application date will be in October 2022.

Updates will be posted to Miranda's instagram @mintelephant closer to the date.

How much does it cost?

$200/hr. My hour is also my minimum charge.

Shop cost: $25 per session. (Covers all one-time use needles/safety disposables)

Payment is CASH or ETRANSFER only. No credit card.

$100 DEPOSIT required only when I email back a confirmation date. Non-refundable/transferable. Comes off tattoo price on appointment date.

When will I hear back?

I only email back chosen appointments. This usually takes about 3 weeks to finish my selections. Please be patient as reading every submission does take some time and I’m only one person that is still tattooing full time! I do not accept double emailing or “checking in” as it clogs up the inbox. I will announce on my story once I have finished choosing applicants :)  


The number of emails is usually 3 times more than I can book, so please don't feel heartbroken if youre not picked, it doesn't mean I didnt love your idea! <3


Do you draw / do a consult beforehand?

Everything is on the day!! When you come in we firstly do the consult for your tattoo vision, and then get the exact measurements of your body for the placement of the tattoo. I draw to your size and shape so it’s custom specifically for you. I do NO consults or drawings beforehand. But don’t worry, I will ensure its perfect for you the day of and we get it right <3


What tattoos will you book or not book?

I will take a combo of new and regular clients, preference is based on what suits my style, and not whether I have tattooed you before. Some smaller pieces will be chosen to fill in spots. If your idea is similar to my recent work on instagram you’ll get considered for booking. 


FAV concepts right now are:

-similar themed pieces on the arm, sternum or thigh (making it a matching set) -> yes I can book you for multiple sessions!

-floral sleeves that arent completely filled (just lower and upper arm tattooed leaving the middle)

-leaf wraps

-any and all thigh pieces<3

-dainty dotwork ornamental styles

-mandala arm bands

NO's:  Other styles not related to me at all -> the typical flying black birds, small script, micro tattoos, feathers, animal portraits, full color tattoos, and other walk-in tattoo basics. Inquiries that list 15 different ideas combined into one tattoo will not be considered as I lean towards simple and flowing concepts for my pieces.


Is there any body parts you wont tattoo?

I tend to stay away from fingers, hands, neck/head, stomach, and under collar-bone/chest.



Can I sign-up for a cancelation list?

I do not have a cancelation list, but I do post last minute spots available on my Instagram story! Turn on notifications to see it first.



Do you tattoo color?

I only tattoo in black tones and occasionally will accept a red linework piece.


Can you work off of somebody else’s work?

This is typically a No. Styles are different and you should book with an artist similar to your current work. If I change my technique to suite you, it no longer looks like my work.



My style is sadly too light to hide other tattoos.



Is tipping required for tattoos?

Tipping is based on your experience, just like at a’s up to you. I’ll always do my best no matter what. 


Can you tattoo over scars or stretch marks?

Please send a photo of the area in a well lit area along with your inquiry, and I can assess if it’s possible to tattoo with my work. Fine line tattoos can be problematic with raised scar tissue. I will inform if a thicker lined / darker-work artist is needed for you:)



Do you tattoo minors?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Parental consent is required in person at appointment.

Thankyou for taking the time to get your questions answered :)  Talk to you soon! Miranda

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